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MEd, BEd, Dip Tchg,
School Principal
Certified Life Coach
Accredited Growth Coach
My Career...
  • I have worked in Primary Education for 20+ years, and as a leader in Education for the past 12 years.  I have loved so many aspects of this career pathway and can see that it has been a powerful foundation that has contributed to where I am today and where I am heading.

  • In 2016 I was appointed Principal of a Primary School on Auckland's North Shore.  At 42, this was a huge personal achievement for me.

  • Experience in leading people in such a dynamic environment such as a school has given me effective strategies and skills in organisation, time management, delegation, strategic planning, and most importantly... relationships with people.  (This is a lifelong learning curve!)

  • I lived in Australia for 4 years and continued my studies in Sydney, completing a Master of Education Degree at the end of 2000.

  • In 2012 I started to look outside of Education for more personal fulfillment. I was drawn to exploring ways that I could evolve and grow more as a spiritual being. When I saw an opportunity to become a Life Coach I just knew that it was the right pathway for me to take. 

  • I became a Certified Life Coach through Momentum Coaching in early 2012 and launched my business at the end of 2012. ​

  • In 2018 I became an accredited Growth Coach with Growth Coaching International.

  • I present Workshops in Auckland on Time Management & Well Being - two of my absolute favourite topics to talk about.

About Me...
  • I am a true blue kiwi girl - and love living in NZ.  Whenever I travel and come back home I realise just how beautiful & safe our country is.

  • I married my husband Chris, 14 years ago and we live in our haven on Auckland's North Shore.

  • I love exercise and can be found either walking through our local park, working out at the gym or at my new favourite activity ...Yoga!

  • One of my favourite places in the world is Queenstown - the magical energy from the mountains, lakes and trees grounds me every time!

  • My passion for personal enrichment was ignited when I was 17.  I was given a copy of Louise Hay's Book 'The Power is Within You'. I loved everything about this book and the knowledge that I could change my life by changing my thinking was revolutionary to me.

  • I am a passionate student of Personal Enrichment, and spend hours devouring books and audios that inspire me to continue learning & growing.  I am always looking at ways I can improve myself, my leadership and my business.

  • I am a Law of Attraction junkie.

  • I love travelling - Italy has been one of my favourite places to explore. Sitting on a stone wall in Tuscany overlooking the olive groves in San Gimignano felt like a scene out of a movie for me.

  • I love writing and always have a new project I am working on.  Writing words on paper is a little like therapy for me.

  • I love positive quotes and affirmations and have them posted everywhere!

  • I have a special interest in Numerology - the study of the symbolism of numbers.  My life path is a No 7 - a Seeker of Wisdom & Truth.

  • I have contributed articles to the Education Magazine 'Teachers Matter', 'Parenting Magazine' and 'OhBaby'


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