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Starting your day knowing exactly what needs to be done


Feeling that you're on top of your work load


Having efficient systems in place so that you know you are working through your to do list with ease


Knowing how to prioritise your work load


Completing tasks without feeling pressured by lack of time


Not taking work home every night


Being able to focus on the positive aspects of your job


Feeling confident about having a challenging conversation with a team member

Being an effective communicator


Feeling in a peaceful, well state within yourself, amidst the busyness


Having positive and quality connections with ALL of the people you work with



Sound Good?


It is 100% possible.


As a Classroom Teacher, a Senior Teacher, a Deputy Principal and recently a Primary School Principal,   I am 100% understanding of the issues new leaders are facing today!


As a passionate advocate of well being in the workplace and a love of positive practices in the work place, I am focused on working with teachers & leaders to Work Smart with Heart




I absolutely love teaching & leading and I spend my spare time researching and reading anything I can get my hands on to do with successful leadership.
For a long time I wondered if it was possible to integrate the positive, heart centered practices I love so much, with leading people.
I can say with confidence that YES it is possible!  


With 20+ years in Education, a Life Coaching practice and a massive passion for leading with heart,  I am so excited that I can share these tips, tools and strategies with you.

Learn how to Work Smart with Heart -


  • become super organised and efficient

  • have more time for the things you LOVE to do

  • have a positive impact on the lives of others


In our work together you will experience a POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION in the way you approach your work day.

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