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12 Well-Being Ideas for Work

I'm always on the lookout for new well-being ideas to try out at work. I particularly like ones that are easily implemented, affordable, and have a positive impact on people individually and the collective group as a whole. It's important to trial a variety as people have different needs. For example, someone might appreciate food and another person might appreciate a small note of appreciation. We want to hit the target with everyone!

Here's a list of my top 12 well-being practices, all of which we've implemented at work with super positive feedback.

1. The Fruit Box:

Every Monday morning we have a fruit box delivered to our staff room and everyone can help themselves to the seasonal, fresh fruit. Usually all of the fruit has gone by Wednesday. This has been very successful.

2. Appreciation Box

We have a shoe sized box in our staff room with small note pads beside it. People write notes of appreciation on them throughout the week and place them in the box. On a Friday they are read out at morning tea and everyone celebrates with a round of applause to celebrate the person who has received a special message.

3. Strength Emails (time consuming and not sustainable but the staff LOVED them)

Using the Langley Group Strength Cards, I chose a card that was pertinent to each staff member, photographed it and emailed it to them with a message of how I see them demonstrating that strength at work. I did it over 2 weeks to make it manageable.

Alternatively you could give them the strength card to keep and attach a note.

4. Stationery Basket

This one was a big hit. I visited K-Mart and spent $80 on stationery - journals, pens, paperclips in funky containers, note pads, post it notes etc. I placed them all in a big basket in the staff room with a note that said 'help yourself to something.' There was plenty of oohing and aahing as I heard them choosing their item.


Cheese & Cracker Friday

For two terms we put out a platter of crackers and cheese on a Friday morning, for the staff to enjoy. It was well received and appreciated.

Cupcake Morning Tea

Food is always a winner and designer cupcakes are no exception. Having a coffee van come on site goes down well too!

6. Pamper Packs

One of our teachers put together a small pamper package for our staff when they had to work late on site one evening. It was inexpensive - brown paper bags filled with a face mask, chocolates and a water bottle.

7. Postcards

I make my own thank you cards through VISTAPRINT - they are super cheap and easy to design. I have a stash in my top drawer and from time to time I write thank you notes that are personable and specific to each individual. It's lovely to walk by work spaces and see them pinned up behind their desks.

8. Surprises

One Friday afternoon we went over our intercom and said that everyone had to come to the staff room right at 3.15pm. A notice like this is usually reserved for serious events. However this time we had bubbles and strawberries ready to be served and once everyone was settled, the senior leadership team said a big thank you to everyone for all of their hard work.

When our budget was flourishing one year, we surprised our staff with a ride to professional development in the city, in an 18 seater limousine. We had the BEST fun. Seeing their faces as it drove into our work grounds was priceless. On the drive back we had bubbles and sang our hearts out to Rihanna.

9. Hot Breakfast

One morning we had a big cook up before an early morning meeting (7.30am) The bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes went down a real treat.

10. One to One Conversations

Obvious but important. Take the time to ask people how they are and if there is anything you can do to support them. One of our team members did this with every staff member post lockdown and people really appreciated it. The most anyone asked for was a small amount of release, which we quickly implemented.

11. Mid Winter Christmas Drinks

Last year we baked Christmas mince pies for our staff and served them with mulled wine after work. Make the most of festive occasions!

12. Affirmation Posters

One of our stationery providers, sell A3 sized posters with inspirational affirmations. I left the brochure in the staff room for team members to browse and they could choose 1 poster each.

All of these ideas have been trialled and I can guarantee they will go down a treat!

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