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Energy Deposits!

Hello Fellow Energy Seeker! Are you filling up your own well first?
In a world that has become so crazy busy and demanding, it can be easy to fall into the trap of doing everything for everyone to the point that you end up tired, exhausted and sometimes burnt out.
Consciously taking time to tend to yourself first is vital if you want to be living a life feeling well & happy.
Although a 'me first' mentality might seem selfish at first, it is actually the best way to ensure you are your very best self in all areas of your life.
During the working week we don't always have big windows of time to spend on ourselves, so we need to fit in small blocks of time designed to boost our well-being and energy! Creating this space at home or at work will give you the boost you may need to keep going!
Because I'm all for quick and easy to implement tips, tools or strategies that create changes for the better, consider 'energy deposits' - short blocks of time to get off the 'wheel of doing' and re-balance. This will look differently for all of us, but here are some ways I fill up my own well being tank. Think of them as 10 minute shots that deposit energy into your well being tank.
1. A 10 minute brisk walk (if I'm at work and need to release some cortisol I take a brisk walk to the local shop and back - breathing deeply as I go.) Exercise is an amazing natural energy booster and an easy way to release built up stress and anxiety. 2. A quick cup of tea in the sun. (If I'm at work I'll try and find a place where no one can find me!) Really savour the tea and enjoy each sip. At the same time the vitamin D from the sun will do you wonders. Research confirms that exposure to the sun for short periods enhances your mood. 3. Find a quiet place to sit and quieten your mind with no interruptions - often the personal growth is in the reflection! 4. Read an article from a favourite magazine. 5. Stroke a cat! - I have two at home so I'm lucky I can do this. Animals can have a calming effect on people and there are many studies that prove this! 6. Shuffle Angel Cards and give yourself the gift of a reading. 7. Put your head phones on and listen to 10 minutes of the 'Brainwave' app. My favourite is the Altered States - it is calming and soothing. 8. I am always taking screenshots on my iphone of quotes and affirmations that I love and see on social media platforms. Sometimes I go through these at one time and feel so empowered and uplifted just by re-reading them. 9. Call a friend for a quick chat - having a laugh is so good for the soul! 10. Scroll through photos of your loved ones - I keep photos and video's of my nieces on my iphone and I feel so much love when I browse through them. Finally...remember ... no one can ever compensate you for ignoring your own needs. No amount of money, or foot rubs or compliments will ever be enough. Take time to fill your own well up first!
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