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Choosing Appreciation over Frustration!


Have you ever chosen appreciation over frustration?

As I stood ready and waiting to board my flight on Saturday - with the plans of the weekend meticulously laid out in my mind; Dad would pick me up at 1.15pm, we would go for lunch, maybe a walk along the board walk, then dinner at 7pm... the airline staff came over the microphone and announced the flight was cancelled and we would all be on the next flight out - 5 hours later! Now five hours in Auckland's domestic airport is not my way of spending a Saturday afternoon. Like everyone, my weekend time is like gold! I felt like stamping my feet and throwing a wobbly, but thought better of it (mind you I did see a couple of people do this) and instead took a deep breath (3-4 actually), adjusted my footing (mentally!) and tried to gain some perspective. I surprised myself by thinking "Well Deb, here is a great opportunity to practice what you preach!" I also have a strong belief that nothing is by chance - so deep down I knew that for some reason, unknown to me, I was never meant to be on that flight at that time. A McDonalds salad and a soy latte later, I found myself sitting on a 'not so comfy' seat with one of the best books I've ever read.

Here are some of the insights I had while sitting around waiting on Saturday afternoon...

Oprah Winfrey's book 'What I Know For Sure' is a read that I would totally recommend to any woman. It made me laugh out loud and it also touched me so deeply I would have had a good cry had I not been surrounded by strangers. The act of gratitude is so simple, yet powerful. I made a list as I sat there & it truly did shift my perspective. When you have time to think, inspired thoughts pop up! I had a great idea for a book I would love to write. The airport is full of LOVE! I saw evidence of so much love around me as I watched with interest as family & friends hugged & expressed their love for each other as they left or returned. I realised that even if I only got to spend one hour with my Dad that weekend, it was better that no hours at all. I learned that when you smile broadly at someone they automatically smile broadly back at you! I now know that the toilets at Auckland airport are some of the cleanest I have been in. (Bless those ladies that clean them on the half hour) A soy latte is a little like liquid gold! iPhones aren't just phones - they connect you with the world (thank goodness mine was fully charged!) My trust that the Universe had a plan for me deepened a little more. I realised I hadn't sat that still on my own with not much to do, for a very long time. On Saturday afternoon with a 5 hour delay, I chose appreciation over frustration. I loved every minute of it. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to my one, take a deep breath, dig deep and choose!

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