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Info Overload?


Ever Experienced Information Overload?

With so much information on offer now via the internet and the television (think... tweets, texts, emails, articles on Facebook, viral videos, instagram posts, advertisements in magazines and on television) it can feel like we are constantly surrounded with messages in all areas of our life and for all areas of our life. Learning to filter and manage the flow of information in our personal lives allows us the down time our minds & bodies need to thrive - creating a space where we can feel a sense of calm and relaxation. As the famous quote goes... 'The quieter you become the more you can hear' Baba Ram Dass

If you are someone who at times feels overwhelmed with 'info overload' here are some tips I suggest to clients... Turn the t.v off or at the very least mute the ads- it is amazing how quiet your house becomes when you do this. You can actually hear yourself think! But more importantly the ads just keep reminding you of what they think you need to be, do or have to be perfect! Who would choose that! Email - turn the notification 'ping' off your computer so you are not alerted each time an email enters your inbox. It sets off your 'reactor' signal and you get the urge to act and read it. You decide when YOU want to read your emails. This applies to both work and home emails. Choose a time when you are ready to read and respond to them. This is a big one for me at work. I rarely make email my first task of the day. Turn the radio off when you are driving in the car. This is a great time to practice conscious breathing. I sometimes use this time to run through all that I am grateful for or sometimes I say affirmations out loud. If people see you they will think you are talking on your phone via bluetooth! Be discerning with who you subscribe to. Between my husband and I we have so many emails coming in from all over the world. Get real about which ones you actually open and read. Unsubscribe to the rest! They just clutter up your inbox. As with subscribing to newsletters, be really discerning with WHO you 'like' or connect with on Facebook. You may enjoy a steady flow of their posts, but not ongoing posts about every little thing. The same goes for Facebook Business pages. The way that Facebook do their advertising now means that you receive sponsored links in your news feed if you have any related interest to the business that is being promoted. I know from experience that there are so many offers online that are so tempting to click on! Have a time when you disconnect from interruptions altogether. For me this is in the evening from around 8.30pm. I turn my computer off and put my phone on vibrate. In the weekends I try to do this each Sunday. Think about one small change you could make with all of the info you are receiving and action it! (I'm crossing my fingers that unsubscribing to my newsletter is not one of them!!)

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