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Nature for Nurture

Does Time in Nature Nurture Your Soul?

I have recently declared myself a 'Nature Addict'. I am totally addicted to the 'feel good' feeling I get when I am out in the natural world! I know for sure that it is my absolute 'go to' when I feel the need to re-balance or to get my head clear or generally just feel better! Over the last couple of years I have come to realise that being outdoors grounds me like nothing else. The combination of the fresh air, my own conscious breathing and the sight of the magic of the universe definitely leaves me feeling more centered and at ease with life. The three top places I love spending time at are; The local park that I walk through almost daily (those massive oak trees and weeping willows are something else to walk under) The beach at my parent's bach up North. Holding on to my nieces while the waves crash on us as we scream and laugh is so exhilarating to me. As are, the beautiful walks along the sandy bay with my Mum. Queenstown- the combination of energy from the lake, the pines and the mountains leaves me in awe every time.


If you are not someone who readily seeks nature as a source of peace consider this ... Nature is created by a Universal energy and is absolute perfection - as are we! The very fact that everything grows and lives without effort is a visible sign that there is a force far beyond what we can comprehend in action all of the time! It gives us an appreciation for powers far greater than oneself. Enjoying the outdoors gives us a break from technology and the 'on the run' lifestyle we are all so accustomed to. The restful respite we get from our over active minds can be rejuvenating. Because humans find nature inherently interesting, we can naturally focus on what we are experiencing out in nature. What a perfect way to practise being 'present'. The fresh air (especially when you live in NZ) is so good for you and your body! Being in nature often requires you to move that loving body of yours to get there! The exercise alone leaves you feeling more energised and motivated. There is a strong body of research confirming that direct contact with nature has considerable benefits such as, stress reduction, a sense of coherence and belonging, improved self confidence, and a broader sense of the community. Being a big tree fan, I love watching the seasonal changes and transformation that a tree goes through, reflecting the changes in our own lives. Yet another connection for us with the wider universe! Finally, here is some advice from a tree. I spotted this on instagram and thought 'how true'.

Stand tall and proud Go out on a limb Remember your roots Drink plenty of water Be content with Your natural beauty Enjoy the view

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