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Slow it down!

After just one evening at a Mindfulness course my new mantra has become ... 'slow down' and so far I'm really liking it!

With the pace of our lives, in this period of time we are living (and let's face it, women are juggling more things than ever before) it is any wonder we can sometimes fall into bed at the end of the day, exhausted and wondering where the precious minutes of our day went. It wasn't until I was recently told ..."You need to slow down, take time to put your feet up and breathe", that I have really thought about taking things waaaaay slower than ever before. As someone who thinks quickly and likes to move and work quickly, this has been a real challenge for me (especially at work). But when it comes to anything even remotely connected to my well-being I'm always willing to explore it. So with a conscious effort to slow down throughout the day, I have to admit that I do feel better for it. I challenge you to give it a try yourself. You'll reap the benefits of feeling calmer and will experience a deeper sense of appreciation for the small moments.


Here are some areas I have slowed down in. Beside each one I have added the benefits! Give it a go yourself and see how much better you feel! Physically moving my body around the house in the morning ie; getting dressed, cooking & eating breakfast, drinking a cup of tea.. (less stress means less cortisol in my system and I get to work feeling a whole lot calmer! 'What does it matter if I arrive a little later than usual' is my new thought track!) Driving (taking the time to enjoy the scenery - Autumn is looking pretty good right now!) Eating (appreciation for the food I have readily available to me) Breathing (Wow! Slowing that breathing down has felt sooooo good! Like I mentioned last week, the best bonus from this is that you naturally practice being 'present') Working out at the gym (my muscles are loving a slower workout and ... what does it matter if I work out for just 45 minutes instead of an hour?) Walking for exercise. I'm working on slowing it down and stopping and enjoying the scenery (a deeper sense of peace & gratitude)

Well Being @ Work Tip!

If possible, consciously slow your pace right down. Move around slower, carry out small actions slower and breathe slowly and consciously.

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