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Mindfulness Matters

What is Mindfulness Really About?
With all of the recent talk about Mindfulness and it's benefits, I decided to do some research on it myself and see if I could experience some of it's benefits! So... this week I am rounding off a 4 week evening course I have been attending on Mindfulness! I have loved each of the sessions and going to them has felt like an indulgent treat for myself which I have fully embraced! There is way too much information about Mindfulness for me to explain it in it's entirety in this short newsletter, but I will give you a snapshot to tempt you into exploring it for yourself!

Here is what I have learned about Mindfulness... It is simply being aware of the present moment This means watching, feeling and observing; watching our thoughts, feeling our emotions, listening to sounds, noticing our surroundings. It can be practiced informally or formally Informal mindfulness practice is when we bring mindfulness to aspects of our day to day life eg; driving, at work, cooking dinner... Formal practice is dedicating time each day to sit, undisturbed and taking yourself through one of the practices. It requires practice This isn't something you can master in a week! It is not about stopping thoughts Rather we observe our thoughts and we feel their impact on our body. Some interesting things I learned ...

Generally our mind obsesses about things that are worrisome The worries are either in the past or the future Our mind judges - ourselves and others Our minds are fantastic at solving problems, planning, creating, understanding, but left to it's own devices it can create stress and anxiety. The practice of mindfulness allows us to focus on the only moment we have - now. I have really enjoyed learning more about it and can see that by gently integrating aspects of Mindfulness into my life, I am learning to observe my thoughts, watching them pass by, realising that I am not my mind. We are the being that is aware of our mind. It's powerful stuff that I am keen to continue practicing!

Well Being @ Work Tip!

Be aware of how often your mind 'time travels' throughout the day and by being aware, you can bring your mind into the present moment. Just by setting the intention to be mindful, our awareness and sense of presence deepens.

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