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Are You Ready For a Few Gems?
Over the last few years I have become a personal growth junkie! So a 2 day conference on Positive Psychology this past weekend was like nectar for my soul! I wrote pages of notes while listening to the people leading the charge on positive psychology speak, and wanted to share some with you! One of my favourite things to do when I hear messages that totally resonate with me, is to spread the word so that others can reap the benefits too!

Here are some of the gems ... At the heart of enhancing our well being is the ability to be present to the feelings and emotions that arise within us. For a long time, I thought that 'Well Being' was mostly about being and feeling happy and positive (among other things!). It is actually about being present to all of our emotions - recognising them, acknowledging them, accepting them and then allowing them to pass. It is important to feel uncomfortable from time to time - that is where the growth lies. As a society, we are at risk of disconnection. We are all so busy with our lives and with our devices, that we are missing the present moment. What determines our happiness? 40% genetics, 10% external circumstances, 40% our actions and thoughts. What that means is that nearly half of our happiness is determined by the way we choose to think and act! Human beings can alter their entire lives, by changing their attitudes. (I know we all know this, but I can't help including it) It sounds so simple in theory but can be so tough to practice! Take the time to do a Personality Strengths Survey. My favourite is the VIA Strengths Survey. Its free! Find out what YOUR strengths are and enhance them! Email me if you wish to receive the link. Our bodies are our gateway to the present moment. While our minds tend to obsess over the past or the future, our bodies remind us that we are here, right now, in this moment. Emotion is like data -it always has something to tell us. Listen carefully to how you are feeling. What is it telling you? We act on the basis of belief, not on evidence. We need to believe in the best of people. Lastly, a gentle reminder for us all...happiness comes from being and doing, rather than having.

Well Being @ Work Tip!

When talking with people today remember that everyone has a story - there is always something deeper going on
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