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Living the Laws!

Living the Laws of the Universe

Over the last 10 years I have devoured many books on personal development, as I seek to understand myself more and the universe as a whole. I do have a particular interest in studying the Laws of the Universe and the one book that I keep going back to, is one that was recommended to me by Bob Proctor (one of my success gurus!) at a seminar I attended a few years ago. My copy is well worn, as it is well read and it travels everywhere with me. It is called ... 'Working with the Law' by Raymond Holliwell (a cheap purchase from Amazon). If you are familiar with the 'Law of Attraction' - which spread around the world like wild fire when Rhonda Byrne released The Secret in 2006, then this book will be of interest to you. It outlines the other 10 forgotten 'Laws of the Universe' and I have briefly outlined 6 of them below for anyone wanting a 'taster'.


Here is a snapshot of 6 of the forgotten Laws Law of Thinking The kinds of thoughts we register on our memories or habitually think attract the same kind of conditions. What the mind holds within, takes it's form in the outer world. Law of Receiving He/she who gives much, receives much. Law of Increase Praise and gratitude lifts our consciousness to a higher realm. It expands and opens the mind. Law of Non -Resistance (my personal fav - but one of the hardest to live by!) Make little of an obstacle and keep your mind on the desire. Seek the path of non-resistance! (more on this one next week!) Law of Supply When we think abundance we receive abundantly. Nature is a prolific producer of blessings. Learn to tap into the source of all supply, for there is no limit. Law of Success Nature knows no failures. Every mind can develop greatness. Success is within the reach of every person. Become saturated with the spirit of progress. The very fact that you desire to succeed is evidence that you have the power to succeed. If you loved 'The Secret' and resonated with the thoughts and ideas in the book, it could be well worth exploring these universal laws as well. Unpacking each of them can reveal so much about how the wonderful universe works and what is even more exciting is that you can begin applying them to your own life!

Well Being @ Work Tip!

Genuinely praise someone at work for something they have done and watch what happens to yourself!

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