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This Too, Shall Pass!

Riding the Waves of Emotion!
'This too, shall pass' has been a favourite saying of mine over the years and has helped me see the light at the end of many tunnels! What I am learning, is that at the heart of enhancing our well being is the ability to be present to the feelings and emotions that arise within us. Emotions, like everything else in life, do pass. For a long time, I thought that 'Well Being' was mostly about being happy and feeling positive (among other things!). However, the many folks who have researched this area agree that negative feelings are a part of our life and need to be acknowledged. Feeling uncomfortable from time to time is where our personal growth lies. Feeling and acknowledging the full spectrum of colour that is our emotions, enables them to move through us in a natural way.

Often when we do experience difficult feelings, we try to avoid going deeper into it, distracting ourselves or ignoring the feeling. The magic though, is in 'riding the wave' of emotion, and then allowing it to pass. It is a little like 'choosing the path of least resistance'. When we do resist what we are feeling, friction develops and obstacles and challenges appear from all directions. Whereas when we accept what is, we are willing to understand it, see it as a stepping stone, and move on to our highest good. The points below, from mindfulness practice, can be a powerful way to deal with emotions as they arise within.
As emotions arise, acknowledge them (name them). Is it ...Envy? Anger? Guilt? Sadness? Anxiety?
Allow yourself to feel that way. Give yourself full permission to feel this way.
Explore the emotion - what do you notice about it? Where are you feeling it in your body? What do you notice?
In this way you actually observe the feeling as opposed to being the feeling. Watch as the feeling naturally comes and goes.
This is a very small snapshot of using mindfulness to work with emotions. Feel free to do your own research on this if it resonates with you!

Well Being @ Work Tip!

As you find yourself feeling strongly about an issue at work, follow the steps above; Name it, feel it, explore it, watch it pass.

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