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Beach Bliss!

The Bliss in Small Things!
With all of the wonderful relaxation techniques and methods out there available to us all, designed to help us decompress, I realised this weekend, that doing very little & making the most of the simple things, is sometimes the best method of all! Four days away at our family beach house up North, was long enough for me to experience the joy of doing very little! I left my usual health and fitness regime at home when I embarked on four days of total bliss - a girls weekend away with my Mum and three nieces that I love to bits! I didn't need yoga or meditation or even a great book! Just being present in the moment and enjoying what was right in front of me, was the soup that my soul really needed!

Here is how I followed my bliss ...

Sitting in the warm sun thinking (I didn't open one book - despite taking two with me!) Feeding bread to the sparrows in the early morning. Picking the ripe oranges off the laden tree, cutting them up and eating them on the grass with the girls. Wave watching - both the sound and the sight of the constant ebbs and flows are really soothing. All of us sitting in a circle at the beach, eating hot chips from the local fish & chip shop, with heaps of tomato sauce! Playing games with my nieces using beach materials. It's amazing what shells can serve as! Drinking coffee and eating chocolate afghans with my Mum as we chatted about anything and everything, solving all the problems of the world, while sitting deep in a luxurious bean bag in the sun. Being served toasted sandwiches dripping with cheese and ham, made by my mum. Why does food taste better when made by your Mum?! Not rushing anywhere (there actually isn't anywhere to rush to!) By taking the time to appreciate the simple things and totally relaxing into the present moment, it became a welcome and refreshing respite. I arrived home on Sunday feeling relaxed, content and ready for the next challenge with renewed energy!

Well Being Tip!

Create those times for yourself, when not doing very much at all is the best way to unwind!

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