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6 Inspirational Quotes!

Ever wondered why quotes are so hot right now?

The internet is saturated with quotes these days, which is evidence that the world truly is changing in a positive way. Back in 2004 when Facebook first started you would have been lucky to see any quotes shared on social media platforms and when you walked through house design shops, you probably wouldn't have seen canvas after canvas with wise words of wisdom either! Why are they so popular? Inspirational quotes remain very popular on most social media networks. Why is this so?

  • They are quick, easy to read nuggets of self-help (It's harder to find the time to read a self-help book) So in a way they are like a new medium for self help.

  • They interrupt a pattern of thought quickly (turning a gloomy mood into a more positive one!) giving you a booster shot of inspiration in an instant!

  • They motivate and inspire us on the spot!

  • They touch us on a deep level - perhaps reminding us of the universal love we sometimes lose touch with.

6 Favourite Quotes With the hundreds of thousands of awesome quotes out there I thought about the ones I use all the time. You know, the ones you can recall in an instant! I rattle them off to clients, colleagues, friends and family! They always have an impact on people that haven't heard them before and they so cleverly sum up a situation with clarity and a good dose of wisdom! Here are just 6 of my fav's ... I could have made this my favourite 100 - but here goes... #1. 'When you know better, you do better.' (Maya Angelou) Such a gentle loving phrase to say to yourself when you reflect on mistakes you've made and regrets you may live with. Also a goodie when you find yourself judging someone else harshly.

#2. 'When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.' (Maya Angelou) Another gem from Maya! I love this one! Believe it or not, people do show you who they are through their actions and words, and if you don't like what you see or hear, turn right away from it. Chances are they'll do it again. #3. 'Rejection is protection' There are few versions of this and I'm not 100% sure of the original source. But it's a healing quote for times when you are rejected either by someone or by something (ie, the job you really wanted) It's confirmation that there is a higher source that has your back! #4. 'It takes ten years to become an overnight success' Biz Stone, Twitter Co-founder What looks like an overnight success is usually anything but! Success takes hard work, consistency and dedication. Many times, successful people have worked for years to see their dreams fulfilled. #5. The Jack of all trades, is master of none' (A condensed version of the great Napolean Hill's original quote) I use this one with clients all the time, to support them in cultivating and nurturing a strength/niche/interest area. It helps to become an expert in your chosen area of interest. I also use it at work (alas it falls on deaf Ministry ears!) #6. 'Success leaves clues' Anthony Robbins. This is a golden gem from Tony Robbins who encourages people who have a dream to spend time with, or learn from successful people in the same field you want success in. Observe what they do and say. If they can do it, so can you! There are literally hundreds of thousands of incredibly powerful quotes out there in the ether. These are just a drop in the ocean of inspiration available to us!

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