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The Power of the Alpha State!

Getting Into the Right Head Space!

Recently I've been learning all about a very cool state of mind - the Alpha state! The Alpha state is the state your brain goes into just between being fully awake and totally asleep. Alpha is the brain wave that usually occurs during light sleep, meditation, daydreams, massage, yoga and creative visualization. It is also known as the whole brain state because you are tapping into both sides of your brain. What is exciting about this? Alpha is your source of intuition and inspiration! It has the potential to create positive change for you! In this state you can give suggestions to your subconscious, which is readily accepted by your subconscious mind. When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of Beta into the more gentle waves of Alpha. Your awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow. In alpha the left and right sides of your brain are in balance.

Here are some great reasons to access this potent state of mind!

  • You can experience a sense of peace and calm

  • Your stresses and worries drift away when you enter the alpha brainwave state. Tension disappears as your brain’s thought process is calmed down.

  • Your mind becomes clearer.

  • Intuitive wisdom flows with greater ease

  • You may receive answers and guidance

  • It can be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating

  • You experience higher levels of creativity

  • In this state you can feed your subconscious mind images of what you would love! So it is another form of manifesting what you desire!

Check out the Brainwave app if you are someone who has difficulty quietening the mind. The tracks on this app are designed to stimulate different brainwave patterns. There are sounds for sleep, focus, memory, anxiety, stress relief, positive thinking, creativity and much more! Some tracks use alpha waves to calm the mind for a quick relaxation. If you don't have time to meditate or practice yoga, consider using the time you have when waking up and going to sleep. Use that time to create the life you desire!

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