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How These 3 Locations Can Restore Your Balance!

Bless nature and the gifts it gives us!
As a nature addict, I often head out to local spots that I know for sure will help me feel more energised, inspired and even restore my sense of balance if I am super busy and feeling overwhelmed. It just so happens that there is real evidence behind why these locations are good for us and why they can have a have a deep impact on our well being.

Here are 3 locations you can head to that are guaranteed to make you feel better! Water - the sea/beach/lakes/river

Being around water gives our brains and our senses a rest from over-stimulation.

When we're near, on, in or under water, we get a cognitive break because there's simply less information coming in. Our brains don't shut down -- they keep working, but in a different way, according to Wallace Nichols. (from 'Blue Mind') "When you have that simplified, quieter 'blue' space, your brain is better at a different set of processes," he says. Another bonus to being close to the sea is that waves can have a soothing effect, they remind us that there are reliable patterns, like our breath. They also mirror the ebbs and flows of our own lives. Trees - your garden, a local park, the forest/bush Because humans find nature inherently interesting, we can naturally focus on what we're experiencing out in nature, allowing us to be 'present' quite easily. The very fact that a huge tree grows from a small seed is evidence that there is a force far beyond what we can comprehend in action all of the time. Also...the seasonal changes a tree undergoes, are representative of the cycles in our own lives. Mountains/Hills There are benefits beyond a picturesque view! From great heights we easily gain perspective of our own lives, by seeing a bigger picture. In higher altitudes, the air is fresher and cleaner. It helps us relax, improve our circulation and clean our lungs.

Mountains have a unique spiritual significance. They are filled with the sound of nature. People have gone to the mountains to find peace throughout history.

I have included a photo of Queenstown - the one place that always grounds me when I visit. The energy from the mountains, the trees and the lakes is so powerful to experience.
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