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Taking Time for Your Campfire!

What are our campfires?

They are the sacred space where we receive love, light and warmth.

While listening to a guest speaker at an 'Authentic Leadership' Conference last week, I heard the word campfire used as an analogy and immediately loved it! The campfire is the sacred space/place where you stop and take time to be present and enjoy the love, light and the warmth in your life. For each of us our campfire will be different things. It could be spending time with your children or members of your family, taking time out with friends to talk and laugh, watching the sunset together, walking on the beach... One of my favourite campfires, is talking with my best friend of 37 years. She knows me so well and is so loving and supportive of me, and always has been. When I talk with her or spend time with her, I feel a deep connection of a friendship woven with years of understanding, warmth and love. (Thank you Trudy!) We all need time away from work and the stresses of life, to be by our campfires, that place where we are so relaxed, so comfortable, so accepted, so happy, so understood, so in love with the moment, filled up with the light of those around us.

With the frenetic pace we can live our lives sometimes, it does well to remind ourselves of what our campfire is, and to make a conscious decision to spend time there.

Here are some points to mull over ...

  • Get really clear about what your campfires are

  • What is it about your campfire that you love?

  • When was the last time you spent time there?

Don't be that person who puts off campfire times for when you think you'll have more time.

You'll die with a to do list!

Make it a priority right now!

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