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Wisdom from a Wise Owl

Like everyone else in the self help world, I was shocked to hear of Wayne Dyer's passing.
Since my journey on the personal empowerment path that started many years ago, I have always thought of Wayne Dyer as the 'God Father' of the self help movement. To me he was such a Wise Owl, someone I had huge respect and admiration for. As Hay House's biggest selling author, he featured prominently on all of their media hubs, and weekly on Hay House Radio. His soothing voice and wise words have been heard by millions and his best selling books have been read by many. He'll never know how much he inspired a gal from Auckland, New Zealand to delve deeper into quenching that thirst for spiritual nourishment - just a little bit more each time I listened to him on the radio, during my walks around our local park. Below is a 10 point summary of some of his wise words he spoke one day early last year, as he summarised key points from his book 'Wishes Fulfilled'. I hope you get as much inspiration from the words as I did at the time, and still do today.

1. Be willing to change your concept of yourself 2. Recognise yourself as always connected to your source of being 3. Become willing to say 'I am from a higher source' from an ego-less perspective 4. Treasure your greatest gift - your imagination 5. Live as if what you desire is already here 6. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled 7. Never let your attention be directed by anything or anyone other than your own higher self. 8. Use your last minutes before you sleep to reinforce your desires as fulfilled (that's the alpha state I've mentioned before!) 9. Have a mind that is open to possibilities. 10. Remember the words of Rumi... You were born with potential You were born with goodness and trust You were born with ideals and dreams You were born with greatness You were born with wings You are not meant for crawling So don't You have wings - learn to use them and fly.

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