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Creating Space

How could you create more space in your life?
As I was updating my website in the weekend I came across a published article I wrote early last year. Although I have written about many of these points before, it was still a timely reminder for me to remember to create space in my life for rest, relaxation and reflection. At times we can be overwhelmed by things that accumulate over time. Examples could be ... other people's behaviour, incomplete tasks, frustrations, problems, clutter, unmet needs, overdue books, a jam-packed diary, outdated wardrobe, unresolved issues, or guilt over lack of exercise, eating habits, lack of sleep etc...
A high quality life has a lot to do with what you remove from it! Below are some strategies that will support you in creating more space in your life.

Be consciously aware of information you are receiving. Take control and manage your technology – you decide when to open emails, respond to texts and answer the phone at home. At work I rarely make email my first task. Challenge yourself to go for a brisk walk without a device plugged into your ears. The great bonus with exercising is that it affects a neurotransmitter that has an antidepressant-like effect on your brain. You feel great on your return and … you’ll be amazed at what you notice around you when you are ‘present’ during the walk. Say ‘Yes’ to the things you really want to do. Saying yes out of obligation builds resentment. Learn how to buy yourself time before committing to something you will later regret. Cultivate Positive Practices What activities bring you to a positive feeling place? It could be reading, journaling, walking, meditating, sitting in the sun …Do activities that fill your own glass first. Remember that what you are good at or skilled at is not necessarily your passion.

What is it that you absolutely love to do or would love to spend your time doing if you could? Create time in your life to invest in what you absolutely love. Avoid people who thrive on drama – They will drain your energy and often don’t take your advice anyway –they just want an ear to bend. Create Your Own Sanctuary Get creative and find a small space or a small room in your home that can become your haven – a place to unwind where you feel peaceful and rejuvenated. Carry a small notebook with you or use the notes app on your device Write down anything you remember you need or need to do. Carrying this ‘stuff’ in your head is draining. Allocate non- negotiable time in your diary each week Block out an hour in your diary at the beginning of each week - no appointments, no tasks, time just for yourself. Avoid ‘Cocktail Conversation’ These are the times you are at a social gathering making small talk with people you’ll never see again. Aim for more meaningful interactions. Know thyself well We cannot all be experts at everything. Work out what you are really good at and what you’re not. Can you delegate tasks or pay someone to do a job for you? Last year I started paying a lawnmower to come in and keep our grass cut. It’s the best $25 I spend each fortnight. Arriving home to freshly mowed lawns gives me so much pleasure. And … I am giving someone else business - win/win! Lose the people pleaser badge This has to take a hike as you start putting yourself first. If at first you struggle with this, remember that the better care you take of yourself the more you can give genuinely to others. Don’t let a crisis be the catalyst to bring you to a halt, forcing you to make immediate changes. Be aware of what you are filling your life with and gradually make small changes. Create your own space in a busy world, to take time to rest and relax.

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