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Returning to the Sacred

Cultivating the Sacred Space

Amidst all of the busyness that is my life, I do at times find myself longing for a more simplified existence. In fact, I have a favourite quote from Kate Knapp in my office that shows a little bird praying with the words 'praying for simplicity' under it. In the craziness that work can be sometimes, I find myself seeking solace from it. It's during these busy times that I crave that sacred space within myself that is quiet, uninterrupted and at peace. At first I thought it was just me that longed for this, but the more I read and research, and the more I talk with other women, the more I realise that it is not that uncommon. Because of the emphasis on goals/action, achievement and building a career, we can find ourselves climbing aboard the wheel of 'do do do', often at the expense of our own essence. When we intentionally stop the 'doing' we can take time to pause and replenish ourselves with what gives us the most energy, thereby tapping into our own inner source. One of my favourite books on this topic is 'Wild Creative' by Tami Lynn Kent. I highly recommend this read if you are someone seeking balance between your task driven life and that sacred space within yourself.

In the meantime here are some questions to ponder... How could I spend more time in nature? Our bodies attune themselves with the rhythms in nature. A sure quick way to re-centre. What would fill my inner reservoir? In what ways could I take better care of myself? Do I put aside any time for replenishment as opposed to production? How much time each day do I spend on myself? Is my way of living 'heart based'? Do I find myself wanting to be more loving and kind to myself and others? What is my creative currency? What is the one thing that I love to do - that thing that gives me energy and feeds my soul.

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