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Embracing Each Year!

The Joy of Growth!

While the world we live in values youthfulness and staying as young as we possibly can for as long as we can, I have found that as each year comes along and my age ticks over to a higher number, I become happier and more content that ever before, learning to love and embrace each year. I love that with age comes a greater awareness that each moment is an opportunity for our consciousness to grow, evolve and expand. As a seeker of knowledge, I am always reflecting on what I've learned and how I can learn more to better understand what my purpose may be and how I can live that out each day (very much a work in progress!).

Here are some things I've learned so far ... The only way to heal it is through it It would be so cool if we could 'magic wand away' some of those emotions we feel, never to have to deal with them again! We've all had some 'crapola' go down in our lives (as you do when you live and breathe on planet Earth!). While it's seems easier to try to distract ourselves from it or to try to stuff it down, experience has taught me that the way to healing is through it - feeling it, sitting with it, talking about it, observing it, and moving through it with a huge dose of love and support along the way. The girls in those magazines are soooo airbrushed! The average woman doesn't look anything like the images we see everyday on TV and in magazines. They've spent hours in hair and makeup and are so heavily airbrushed that they often don't even have pores in their skin. You've got to have such a solid sense of yourself these days to feel great about how you look. If in doubt, leave it out This little phrase has saved me so often in all aspects of my life. It's really intuition at it's best. Whenever I go to say something or do something and I have a small feeling of doubt, I leave it out. Simple but powerful. The smallest things can bring the greatest pleasure I recently had a colleague at work give me a set of Angel cards. She had bought them at a weekend market for $2 after hearing me say how much I loved them. I felt so grateful to her for these cards and they have brought me so much pleasure and will continue to for years. Sure the big things in life are great and we love those too! But lately just being given something that I genuinely love and will use, is worth so much to me. Mine for gold! I love digging a little deeper now, in a way that I didn't when I was in my 20s or 30s. I recently had a challenging situation with a colleague at work that caused me to lose some sleep at night and really fester on it internally at times when I shouldn't have been (like when I was putting on my makeup in the morning, or driving to work) Once I became aware of just how much head space it was taking up, I consciously took time to explore how I felt and how I could move towards a win/win situation. I really wanted to learn from it, not just about myself but also how I would handle it in the future if a similar situation popped up again. I call it 'mining for gold'! You don't need an Army of Friends, just one or two real keepers As the well known quote goes...friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. Very few friends stay for a lifetime, but if you have one, they're like gold. More to come next week!

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