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Christmas Cheer!

Ahhh...Christmas and all that it brings!
Somehow at the end of each year what should feel like winding down for a break, feels a lot like winding up! This year I've had a change in my thinking about preparing for Christmas and the New Year. I've decided to look for some less stressful options!

Here's are a few (non-traditional) tips for the festive season... Don't seek the Perfect Gift I always have a giggle to myself as I slowly roam the gift stores and see other women doing the same, scanning the shelves, waiting for the perfect gift to pop out. Last week I spent two hours at our local mall, trawling the shops for the perfect gifts for colleagues at work. In the end I decided that there isn't such a thing as a perfect gift! There are lots of lovely things and anyone of them will do just fine! Don't put Pressure on Yourself with New Year's Resolutions You can set goals anytime of the year. The key to success with goals is discipline and consistency, not what time of the year you set them. Exercise on Christmas Day! Yep! Get up early and go for a brisk walk. You'll feel so much better for it when you're eating trifle and Christmas pud later in the day. Get Clever with Gift Buying In the past I have loved the energy and vibe of shopping at Christmas, but this year, I have done some of my shopping online. No car parking, no queues and no stress. I was surprised to see that almost everything I wanted to buy was available online and will be delivered to my door! Give it a try! The Best Idea for Christmas Gifts for Kids! 'Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read!' I saw this on social media (thanks Em!) and loved it!

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