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8 Things You Need to Lead with Influence

Become the kind of leader needed today! The most effective leadership today is about bringing one's whole self to the job with total awareness. When we lead consciously, we focus on 'we' rather than 'me'. What does a leader require to know, do and be in order to lead with positive impact & influence?

1. Build Positive Relationships

In this digital world we are all living in, relationships are the new currency. Building trusting, positive relationships is key to successful leadership.

2. Listen

According to Covey, listening involves patience, openness and a desire to understand. These are highly developed qualities of character. It's so much easier to operate from a low emotional level and to give high level advice.

3. Create a Positive Culture

Through appreciation and genuine praise, people feel valued and acknowledged, resulting in them striving to do better and be better.

4. Collaboration

According to Carnegie ... 'Hardwired into all of us is the desire for honest communication - to understand and to be understood. Beyond that, for authentic connection - to be known, accepted, and valued. Beyond that still, for successful collaboration - to work together towards meaningful achievement.'

5. Ask for Feedback

How we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us can be quite opposite. It is important to know what people think you could work on to be a more effective leader. Be open to feedback.

6. Commit to the Development of Self

Successful leaders use modern day resources to educate themselves, to learn more, to grow more and to achieve greater results. Read as much as you can and listen to as much as you can about successful leadership. Tap into the minds of the masters!

7. Fill Up Your Own Well First

The better care we take of ourselves, the better we can take care of others.

8. Radiate

Be the very best version of yourself. Radiate love, kindness, and appreciation.

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