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Be Brave!

Elizabeth Gilbert says 'The way to learn courage is to be afraid of something and then do it anyway' and I couldn't agree more! As someone who has recently taken the plunge into a leadership position, every week I come up against something I know nothing about and need to find an answer. I know that as I dig deep and find the answers or solutions, it is building my 'courage' muscles and while it might feel uncomfortable sometimes, it is also stretching me in ways I didn't know existed and ... I'm LOVING it!

Here is what I'm learning about facing the unknown...

1. Being a highly resourceful person is super easy!

We couldn't be living in an easier time to find an answer to anything. With the internet at our fingertips, absolutely anything can be googled and the answer you need, found. And if you can't find it online, you can pick up the phone, call someone and ask.

2. Be honest about being new

When you're starting something new, be upfront and tell people. It will give you some space to make mistakes without being judged harshly.

3. Laugh at Yourself

Keep it on the light! Don't be too serious about your learning curve. It's all part of the growth process.

4. Make mistakes, but learn from them.

I always say 'I make mistakes all the time, but I rarely make the same ones twice!'

Be sure to reflect on what didn't go well, make some tweaks and improve on it for next time.

5. The brain is eager to learn new information!

I can literally feel my brain cells expanding when I learn something new. According to research, brain cells undergo chemical and structural changes during learning.

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