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21st Century Leading

I believe that leading people today requires a whole new set of skills that weren't required in the past. With the ever changing landscape of technology, over the last 10 years more than ever, people are discerning about who they listen to, who they invest their time and energy in and what they expose themselves to.

The world wide web has opened people's minds to opportunities, experiences, and other people from all over the globe.

They know what is possible and they are discerning about who they want to be led by

Leading in an authentic and conscious way ensures you can make a difference to individuals and connect with people no matter what. Fundamentally as humans we thrive on connection. According to Carnegie & Associates (2011) hardwired into all of us is the desire for honest communication - to understand and be understood. Beyond that, for authentic connection - to be known, accepted, and valued. Beyond that still, for successful collaboration - to work together toward meaningful achievement.

None of which can be replaced with technology. There is still and always will be, the need for human connection and opportunities to step up and lead.

Here are 21 ways you can have a positive impact as a leader.

1. Have Integrity - do what you say you'll do.

2. Lead from within - from your heart and from the centre of your organisation

3. Be self aware - aware of your own strengths, limitations and emotions

4. Walk your talk

5. Be persistent in self-exploration

6. Learn from experience

7. Show your 'real self' to people

8. Do not be afraid to admit mistakes

9. Ask for & listen to honest feedback

10. Value collaboration

11. Be mindful of your words and actions

12. Be committed to your own personal development & the development of others

13. Have compassion for yourself and for others

14. Tell the truth no matter what

15. Be committed to making a positive difference

16. Have empathy

17. Take care of your whole self - mind body and spirit

18. Be an effective listener

19. Be open to learning

20. Have an 'open door' policy

21. Believe in transparency

Be a leader that connects with people in a truthful and heart centered way.

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