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6 Well Being Ideas for Leaders in Lockdown

Leading the way with wellbeing in our workplaces can be challenging in the best of circumstances. When we're in a lockdown it puts a whole new spin on taking care of your people!

Here are 6 ideas we have successfully implemented in our workplace with positive results.

1. Create a private Facebook page for your team. Use it as a place to post funny memes, celebrate wins and share things such as recipes. One of our team shared a recipe for Al Browns Ginger bread. Apparently it's the best gingerbread anyone has ever tasted! Be sure to keep the page a fun place for people to visit. It's not a forum for politics or negativity.

2. Create weekly Google Meets for drinks and a catch up. Grab a drink, dial in and have a chat. It is such a fun and easy way for people to connect when they are at home. You could even include a theme such as wear a fun hat.

3. Create a space for people to check in with you. Our leadership team go live every weekday morning at 9.30am on a Google meet. If anyone has a question or wants to connect they just text or email me and we invite them in. They know we are always there if they need anything.

4. Do SHOUT OUTS! Every week day we acknowledge someone in our team (via group email) to recognise the great work they are doing. It is a way of both appreciating someone and sharing ideas about what others are doing.

5. Encourage your team to switch off their work/technology each evening at a particular time. This means not sending them emails after a cut off time. My cut off is 6pm. If I need to communicate after this time, I schedule the email to go out the next morning.

6. If the budget allows, courier your team a treat. What a lovely surprise for them to receive a package at the front door, saying "Thank you'. We recently used to send our team some gourmet popcorn. They absolutely loved it.

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