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It can be challenging to find the time for ourselves to fill up our well-being cup, to be the best person we can be.

There are so many fantastic books out there outlining which new age exercises net you the most 'bang-for-your-buck' when it comes to well-being, personal development and self-improvement.

The challenge is, it can also be overwhelming and a little confusing trying to fit in so many of the practices that the self-help gurus talk about. Trust me, I've tried many of them, some with a positive impact and others that fizzled out real quick. It really is about finding the ones you resonate with and being consistent with them.

I've found that consistency is definitely the key to any practice working successfully.

So... what is 5@5 about?

Getting up at 5am during the work week has been my routine for a long time now.

Like so many of you, it is the only time in a day that I truly have to myself. You also have the added bonus of it being super quiet, as no one else is awake. In fact, no one in my neighborhood is awake at that time!

5@5 is about doing five activities at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Begin with a ritual that you love. For me it's a warm glass of water with lemon.

What to do at 5am?

I rise at 5am, get a warm drink, get comfy and get started. During the next 50 minutes (10 minutes per activity) you can fit in 5 activities that will have a positive impact on your life overtime. You can choose any 5 you like, but the ones below are my favourite and are practices that I've read a lot of research about and I know they can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Meditate: I'm not talking full on zen state with crossed legs. I'm usually in my comfy chair with the cat on my lap, focusing on breathing consciously - listening to my breath go in and out, being an observer of my mind & it's thoughts. This is never easy, but with practice I have definitely improved. The biggest challenge here is not thinking about the day ahead - you know - the to-do-list!

It takes discipline and practice to train the mind. I am not an expert on meditation by any means, so I suggest you research and find the best method for you. I can highly recommend the Headspace app. I also follow Eckart Tolle's method of practicing 'presence' in the moment. I am also a HUGE fan of Dr Joe Dispenza's work.

There is a lot of research on the benefits of meditating for you and your well being.

Gratitude: I am a big fan of writing a gratitude list. I write down ten blessings every morning. I always start with "I am so blessed and thankful for..."

Visualise: Picturing in your mind, what you want to see in your life, is powerful. Remember that the body does not know whether the mind is imagining something or really experiencing it. Let the Law of Attraction support you in bringing those things you love into your life. I love to imagine my dream life - it usually consists of lots of beautiful imagery, like travelling to exotic locations and signing books at a book launch (one of my life goals) I have set up a 3 minute movie on my phone (made with imovie) and I watch it every morning.

Read: I spend 10 minutes reading anything to do with improving myself personally & professionally. At the moment it's anything by Dr Joe Dispenza.

I read at this time of the day because I'm too tired to read at night. It's also a good positive boost to head into the day with.

Journal: I write anything I like in my journal; thoughts, wonderings, goals, quotes I love, ideas etc...

Five @ Five is 50 minutes of your day dedicated just for you - to invest in you.

It sets you up for a great day with a positive mindset.

You get to choose what is best for you, so start thinking about what fills up your well-being tank.

Tip: Get your things organised beside your favourite chair or cushion for the morning, the night before.

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