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Putting Some Zen in the Den

I am a big fan of creating a beautiful sanctuary or zen den no matter where I live and work.

Having a space at home as my sanctuary, and a space at work that I love to be in, goes a long way to helping me feel good no matter what.

I have always created a sanctuary or zen den in the houses that I've lived in - and there have been some pretty small places! If you were to walk into it you would find my favourite books, candles, incense, special stones, a jar of white feathers, stacks of journals, my vision board, a buddha or two and a whole lot more!

Creating a sanctuary at home begins with finding a space - it doesn't have to be an entire room, it could be a corner of a favourite room in your house. The most important thing is, that it is a place for you to go to re-balance after a busy day, and to access some peace & quiet.

It is a sacred space. A peaceful den where you can nourish your soul with positive thoughts and feelings, a space where you can breathe deeply and where creative ideas and inspiration flow.

As the wonderful Tich Nhat Hanh says "Do you have a space dedicated to relaxing in your home? This doesn't have to be a big space. It could be a small corner (not your bed!) or anywhere in a room that is dedicated to breathing and relaxing. This is not a space for eating or doing work, or folding laundry or building anything. We need a small space where we can take care of our nervous system and restore our tranquility and peace." (Excerpt from his book: 'How to Relax')

At work I love to create a beautiful space to work in. I am very fortunate that my office is spacious and light. One of my recent purchases has been an Essential Oil Diffuser. Filling it with warm water and adding some drops of a favourite oil has become a morning ritual that I love to do. It fills the space with a gorgeous aroma and if research is correct, the oils are an effective way to create a soothing effect and levelling out your mood. It certainly contributes to that for me.

I also recommend putting favourite quotes around you. Quotes are so popular right now because they are little nuggets of wisdom. You don't have to read an entire book to get inspiration. What better way to create a peaceful state in an office!

If you're going to be in your work den all day why not make it a peaceful space to be in where you can work at your optimum level!

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