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Top Time Tips!

There is so much written about time and how to make it work for you, but at the end of the day we all have the same amount of time each day and making it work for us is what counts.

It's such common place now to hear people say "I'm so busy" that we've all become de-sensitised to it.

As a busy leader with a side hustle, I've read a lot of books on time management and I've attended some fabulous courses on saving time.

Here is a list of my top favourite time tips to Lead Smart.

1. Write a 'to do' list the night before. Most time guru's recommend having 1-5 items on it.

2. Start the day with the hardest task. This tip comes from Brian Tracy 'Eat that Frog' - you'll gather momentum and get a lovely endorphin rush from the success of completing a task that it will propel you to do another.

3. Ask yourself throughout your day "What is my highest priority right now?" We tend to spend time on minor tasks and avoid the major ones. (hello avoidance!)

4. Do not make opening emails your first task of the day - they have a habit of steering you away from your 'to do' list. Turn the 'ping' off your inbox - it can be a big distraction.

5. Avoid social media - it's a rabbit hole - you'll get lost for hours - okay maybe not hours, but a lot of minutes for sure!

6. Meetings - can suck the life out of you - I mean the time out of you! Anything that can be done in a meeting, should be done in a meeting. Work smart and try not to carry too much work out of the room with you.

7. Ensure you have some uninterrupted time. A lot has been written lately on multi-tasking and most of it isn't positive. Giving ourselves 100% to one task at a time is how we perform at our very best.

8. Delegate as much as you can. If you're a control freak like me, this can be a tough one. But there are seriously good benefits for both you and the person you are delegating to.

9. Seek efficiencies... How can I work better and quicker?

10. Eliminate clutter - clear your desk so that there are no distractions

Scrolling through people's highlight reels on social media can be a great way to have down time. - it can also be a massive time waster!

It's important to remember that life is not about getting it all done. You'll struggle to have a sense of peace and well-being if you're obsessed with getting it all done. Enjoy the process of working through your tasks.

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