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Soothing Sounds ~ Healing Energy

Bathe in sound for relaxation & rest

Discover the transformative power of crystal sound bowls. Harnessing the vibrational energy of crystals, these exquisite bowls produce resonant tones that promote relaxation, healing, and balance. Immerse yourself in the harmonious melodies to enhance meditation, reduce stress, and foster overall well-being.

Crystal sound therapy has been revered for its ability to calm the mind, soothe the spirit, and restore balance to the body. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, a deeper meditation experience, or simply a moment of tranquility in your busy day, my sound baths offer a tranquil experience.

What Can I Expect at a Sound Bath?

I hear you!  Many people are confused by the word 'bath', but I can assure you there is no water involved.

Similar to yoga, on arrival you settle yourself comfortably on a mat with anything that ensures you feel 100% comfortable and cozy.  Most people lie down, however you can settle on a fold out chair if you have issues with your back. Many people bring pillows, blankets and eye masks, in addition to their own yoga mat.

As you enter the space you will hear soft background music playing and smell beautiful oils wafting from my diffuser.   

I begin the hour with some breath work, and a short meditative body scan.  Then I play the crystal singing bowls and other instruments that bring about a sense of peace and tranquility.

It truly is an hour of deep rest and relaxation - a real act of self care.


Welcome! I'm Deb

I was first introduced to the power of sound healing at a Kundalini yoga session.  I had a powerful experience during one of the classes.

That same year I travelled to Bali with a gorgeous group of women and experienced my first sound bath in one of the Pyramids of Chi.  

On my return home I began exploring sound healing and I discovered a local teacher who trained me to play crystal sound bowls.  Within 3 months I was facilitating my own sound baths.

Over the years, I've explored various healing practices, yet I sensed a unique potency in the realm of sound. It was as if my nervous system gradually unwound, giving me a profound sense of tranquility. Nothing makes me sleep better at night than a sound bath!

My sound baths bring everything I love into one divine sacred ceremony; aromatherapy, breath work, meditation and sound.

With 28 years in education, including 17 years in leadership roles, I bring a wealth of experience to my work. As an accredited coach, I support individuals in reaching their full potential. I'm also a self-described 'spirit junkie,' embracing spirituality in all aspects of life.

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Immerse yourself in a...

Sound Bath

Join me on Sunday evenings from 7pm - 8pm at the Headquarters Building, Hobsonville Point.  Click on BOOK NOW to secure a spot!

I collaborate with Albany Yoga Room where we facilitate Restorative Yoga and Crystal Sounds Bowls together - creating a special experience.

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